Meticulous and Scalable Appraisal Reviews

When Accuracy Matters Most

MidLantic Appraisal review services

Conducting meticulous appraisal reviews is exactly why MidLantic Financial was established in 2001. Our founder literally changed the game when it comes to real estate appraisal reviews after continually becoming frustrated with inferior real estate appraisal products. As a result, we introduced the new “gold-standard” appraisal review process that financial institutions still use today. 

We’ve since continued to build our reputation as the region’s most diligent independent appraisal review company, with our appraisal review services at the heart of what we love to do every day. We help you flourish sustainably.

Our team of professionals offer a keen eye to ensure that our clients’ appraisals and reviews fully comply with USPAP and regulatory guidelines to avoid unnecessary risk. We love helping our clients solve complex problems related to residential and commercial real estate appraisals, and put the same care and attention into any project, large or small.

MidLantic Financial is the outsourcing solution when you need a scalable, streamlined process that delivers thorough and accurate appraisal reviews from a dedicated team of experts who take their commitments seriously–this is exactly what when getting it right matters most means.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Appraisal Review Companies


At MidLantic Financial, our approach ensures the highest level of compliance regardless of how regulatory priorities may shift over time. Moreover, we practice what we preach by implementing this high level of compliance in our own business processes. This helps us to serve our clients better.

Our Services Are In Compliance With:

Quality Control

Quality control can be challenging for many lenders; however, this is where MidLantic Financial stands out above all other appraisal review companies. While MidLantic prioritizes credibility and accuracy in the appraisal review process from obtaining the appraisal report through delivery of the review, quality control doesn’t end until the appraisal review is safely in your hands.

Every appraisal review we produce undergoes a full-scale, hands-on data verification process to ensure the delivery of a high-quality, accurate review to our client, in contrast to many of our competitors who utilize an automated process. Further, our appraisal reviews are conducted by trained and seasoned professionals.  This human touch allows us to catch what automated processes often miss–our average annual appraisal report revision rate of approximately 20% is proof of this practice. We catch the mistakes that other firms miss.

Dedicated Service

We understand that you want more than accurate and credible appraisals; you want a dedicated and educated team qualified to handle any situation that may arise. MidLantic meets that need with our experienced professionals. In addition, we require all review team members to stay up-to-date on their continuing education so that they can best assist you in making informed decisions and resolving issues quickly.

At MidLantic Financial, we absolutely love what we do. Tap into that expertise and passion whenever you need guidance on complex problems regarding residential and commercial appraisals.

How Our Appraisal Review Process Works

Take advantage of our streamlined approach to appraisal reviews that produces  accurate, credible and compliant results within the time frames that you need. MidLantic conducts the most thorough and comprehensive reviews in the industry - again, our revision rate–revisions of identified objective and factual errors–is indicative of that fact.

Once an appraisal report is delivered to MidLantic, we quickly go to work to diligently and thoroughly review it for accuracy of the sales data and physical attributes of the subject–a research analyst fact-checks the document against the public record to ensure the accuracy of the sales comparables utilized in the report.

Next, your appraisal undergoes an extensive review from a seasoned analyst to guarantee a high-quality, thorough and accurate appraisal review. 

This step is too important to automate with software. Instead, a keen eye from an expert who fully understands USPAP and regulatory requirements reads the entire appraisal report, which results in a higher level of scrutiny and ultimately a higher caliber product. 

For example, our analysts:

  • Ensure that the scope of the assignment was properly identified and executed according to the needs of the client and protocols associated with the property type
  • Verify that the appraiser sufficiently supported all assumptions, adjustments and conclusions made with data presented in the report.
  • Confirm that all calculations and figures are accurate
  • Ensure appropriate and reasonable reconciliation between the approaches developed

After this process, any errors or discrepancies the analyst discovered are addressed  directly with the appraiser in order to amend the report as needed. This step frequently results in revised reports or email correspondence attached to the review that provides needed clarity for the reader.

Afterwards, a specialist is sent both the review and the appraisal report to cross reference the two documents, ensuring that everything cited, including all relevant facts, data and, even page numbers are listed correctly in the review.

The completed review then goes to a supervisory review analyst to conduct a final comprehensive review of the report. The goal of this final review is to confirm the accuracy of the review itself.

Finally, the appraisal review is then delivered to you electronically.

Take Advantage of the Full AMC Experience

Benefit fully from the knowledge and experience at MidLantic Financial by hiring us to manage your entire collateral valuation process from soup to nuts.

By choosing MidLantic to handle both appraisal engagements and reviews, you can have peace of mind that the correct appraiser was engaged, the subject was properly identified, the property rights appraised are correct, the appraisal report is delivered in the timeframe needed and the review concludes that the values provided are credible results. This is what we do, everyday. When it matters most, we get it right.

Choose MidLantic Financial For Your Appraisal Reviews

MidLantic Financial is a multi-faceted firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate engagement and review services and regulatory risk consulting. Since 2001, MidLantic has managed the engagement and review of tens of thousands of complex residential and commercial real estate appraisals for more than 50 financial institutions in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States.

We pride ourselves on our unique blend of regulatory knowledge, quality control and dedication, which sets us apart from other appraisal review firms in the region. Does your third-party service provider have as in-depth a knowledge base? When getting it right matters most, our strong passion for regulatory compliance and commitment to compliance makes all the difference in giving you peace of mind and a high-quality product.