Commercial Real Estate Evaluation Services

When Time & Money Matter Most

MidLantic Evaluation services

For qualifying commercial real estate transactions, obtaining an evaluation in lieu of an appraisal is an attractive, time-saving and cost-effective alternative. Financial institutions have much to gain from offering evaluations in connection with certain loan transactions–there are three exemptions to the appraisal regulation that allow regulated financial institutions the opportunity to use these lower-cost options. Compared with appraisals, evaluations cost less and take less time which certainly presents an attractive option, when their use is permitted. 

MidLantic Financial understands that saving time and money is an important consideration for you and your borrowers–we get that it’s a competitive market. That is why we offer evaluation services among our full range of collateral valuation services, with the goal of providing our clients with solutions that fit a wide range of circumstances.

A Superior Evaluation Product

Not only do MidLantic Financial’s evaluations save you time and money, but they also afford you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our evaluations meet all established regulatory content requirements, as outlined in the Interagency Guidelines that govern their use. Not one of our evaluation products has been criticized by a regulatory agency, loan review firm or auditor. We know this is because of the research and utmost care we take in completing our market analysis, comparable identification and P&L analysis. 

Since 2001, MidLantic Financial and its seasoned professionals have prepared and delivered thousands of evaluations to lenders in the Mid-Atlantic region using our tried-and-true method. Our appraisal-extracted sales comparable database, coupled with CoStar and our meticulous research, ensures that all utilized comparables are the best available for each evaluation. In addition, when the evaluation includes an income analysis, we utilize overall capitalization rates extracted from recent and appropriate appraisal reports as well as market-extracted rate surveys.

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About MidLantic Financial

MidLantic Financial is a multi-faceted firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate engagement and review services and regulatory risk consulting. Since 2001, MidLantic has managed the engagement and review of tens of thousands of complex residential and commercial real estate appraisals for more than 50 financial institutions in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States.

Our appraisal engagements, administrative appraisal reviews, and evaluations are all subject to and fully comply with appraisal regulations and various Interagency Guidelines. Outsourcing with MidLantic means putting your collateral valuation program in trusted, knowledgeable and caring hands. Our team of seasoned professionals–with an extensive regulatory background–can help you navigate the complexities ever-present in this market–when getting it right matters most.

Our regulatory knowledge, quality control and dedication set us apart from other appraisal management firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team leaders share a passion for and have a unique regulatory background that prioritizes accuracy and credibility in the appraisal process. Our team can cite chapter and verse of the Interagency Guidelines. Can your third-party service provider say the same about this knowledge base?