The MidLantic Difference

Dedication - Diligence - Discernment

Between high demands and a neverending workload, regulated financial institutions, other lenders and institutional funds simply cannot afford to deal with the far-reaching business ramifications of settling for inferior real estate valuation products.

Financial institutions who partner with MidLantic Financial not only avoid costly risks–like engaging an appraiser with the wrong skill set or delayed timelines due to a variety of factors, but more importantly, gain a dedicated and highly experienced team that can anticipate and discern your needs as a client.

Why Choose MidLantic Financial?

Consider how MidLantic Financial stays true to the values on which it was first founded and how that means the best option for you.

Complete and Total Regulatory Understanding

No one else in the industry has the combined regulatory and banking background that our team’s leadership does. MidLantic’s leadership can quote the appraisal regulation and related Interagency Guidelines chapter and verse, a feat only possible after decades of experience in this field. For our clients, this means that there isn’t a question we can’t answer or a situation we haven’t handled regarding regulatory compliance.

This deep knowledge of federal regulatory requirements applicable to the valuation of real estate collateral means our clients get the right answers to the questions they have in a timely manner resulting in higher-quality products, faster delivery times, and true peace of mind because they know that all their bases are covered every time. Can portal-based AMC’s offer the same regulatory background, knowledge and responsiveness? Clearly not.

Further, our discerning and anticipatory approach means that, more often than not, we’re aware of our clients’ needs even before they are. Now, that’s a partner you want in your corner.

Industry-Leading Quality Control

Accuracy, timeliness and efficiency are at the forefront of every service we provide for clients, and it’s reflected in both our region-wide reputation and the high-quality products we deliver.

We ensure quality from the start by engaging the right appraiser for every  project. We maintain close ties with a vast network of appraisers in the Mid-Atlantic region, and beyond, with a wide range of strengths and skills. When bidding on each project, we consider these skill sets as it saves valuable time for our clients in the long run and ensures the most qualified appraisers were selected for the task.

Dedicated Service for Every Client

Our attention to detail continues beyond appraiser selection. We go above and beyond for our lending clients in each step of our appraisal management process. From confirming borrower needs to confirming property rights – as just two examples – MidLantic Financial is one of the region's only firms operating at this high level of diligence. 

Our clients are of the utmost importance to us. Their goals are our goals. We pride ourselves on maintaining close, successful relationships with each one of our clients because, truthfully, our clients are part of the MidLantic family. This allows us to serve them better and help them make informed decisions in a way that works for them.

Whether it’s our experience level, the deep research we conduct, the discerning questions we ask, or our dedicated service, MidLantic Financial stands out from other appraisal management companies.

Ready To See The MidLantic Difference For Yourself?