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Our Two-Legged Team Members


Cindy Pehl
Principal - Regulatory/Risk Specialist

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Accounting and Economics, Magna Cum Laude, Cindy began her career as a bank examiner, long before the appraisal regulation even existed! After leaving the regulatory agency three years later, Cindy spent the next 23 years in the banking industry, culminating her career as the Chief Risk Officer for what was then the largest Maryland-based financial institution. Since 2010, she has been involved in every aspect of MidLantic’s offered services–engagements, reviews, evaluations, policy consulting and training–ultimately taking full control of the Company in 2018, growing the Company to its current level of more than 50 clients.


Joan Pawloski
Director of Administration

Joan joined MidLantic in 2011 with over 30 years in banking and loan administration. In addition to being MidLantic’s Residential Supervisory Reviewer, Joan manages and tracks all incoming appraisals and outgoing reviews, ensuring all review delivery deadlines are met and keeping MidLantic’s daily operations running smoothly and efficiently–no easy task with more than 3,500 appraisal reviews delivered annually!


Peggy Rogers
Lead AMC Administrator

Peggy joined MidLantic in 2015 after a long career in office management and insurance sales. She now manages MidLantic’s entire AMC department, ensuring detailed research goes into every assignment. Regardless of location, throughout the US and even world-wide, there has yet to be a property that Peggy can’t locate with her amazing super-sleuth skills! Her constant dedication is unmatched, with her attention to accuracy and timeliness being one of the top reasons clients and appraisers adore her.


Wiley Hayes
Supervisory Appraisal Review Analyst

With a B.A. in English from Towson University, Wiley began his career in print journalism, including two years as a government and fiscal budget reporter, honing his skill as a distinguished journalist and seamlessly managing tight deadlines. After joining MidLantic in 2015, Wiley excelled in the analytics of appraisal review, directly under Metz’s tutelage - even requiring that Metz admit that Wiley was a better reviewer than he was!  Excelling through the review of all property types, including the most complex, Wiley was promoted to CRE Supervisory Reviewer, one of only two in the Company. There is simply no property type that Wiley can’t handle.


Charles Baublitz
Appraisal Review Analyst

Joining MidLantic in 2021 as a commercial review analyst, Charles has since enhanced his knowledge of the commercial review process and provides assistance with accuracy checking appraisal reviews. In addition to MidLantic’s internal training course, Charles has completed courses with McKissock and the Appraisal Institute.

Ashley (1)

Ashley Dezi
AMC Administrator/Director of Marketing

With a pastry arts degree and five years in the appraisal industry under her belt, Ashley joined MidLantic’s team in 2018. She works closely with Peggy to handle property research, appraisal engagements, and has even grown into our in-house IT wizard where she now fixes nearly every tech problem/issue that the staff continually has! Her detailed organization skills keep everyone on-track and she has enhanced our data collection process. In 2021, Ashley was named MidLantic’s Director of Marketing, tasked with building our brand and client base.


Michael Kostadinov
Appraisal Review Analyst

Michael initially joined MidLantic in 2017 as an intern, responsible for accuracy checking commercial and residential appraisal reviews. After graduating from Towson University in 2018, and spending some time as a market research and competitive intelligence analyst in the healthcare industry, he eventually made his way back to MidLantic in early 2022 and now works as a commercial review analyst.


Dan Palamone
Senior Appraisal Review Analyst

Dan originally joined MidLantic in 2012 as an intern while pursuing his degree in Finance from  Towson University. Upon graduation he continued with MidLantic, developing his commercial appraisal review skills, where he now specializes in proforma/cash flow analysis for development projects, residential subdivisions, multi-property portfolios and multi-tenant properties. Dan’s reviews are hand’s down, the most detailed of any!


Justin Wittfelt
Real Estate Analyst/Appraisal Review Analyst

A graduate of Florida Institute of Technology, Justin joined MidLantic in early 2020. He now handles all inspections and evaluations, along with being the company's residential and multi-family appraisal review specialist. As if his plate isn’t full enough, Justin also supports Joan up on those occasions when she actually takes vacation!

Our Four-Legged Team Members

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Otis (aka Otis-Roo aka Roo-Manchu)
Editor In Chief

Breed: Chihuahua Pug (Chug Dog) Super Mutt

Personality type: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Loves everyone. Might be part kangaroo.

Favorite thing to do: Give you the “I’m so cute but also guilty” look. 

Favorite Treat: Any snack

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Walter (aka Little Man aka Superman)
Head of Security

Breed: Chihuahua Mutt

Personality Type: Thinks everyone is out to attack mom and responds accordingly. Desperate to play slobbery fetch with a squeaky tennis ball, but not with you. 

Favorite thing to do: Contemplate how to take over the world.

Favorite Treat: Mini Marrow Bones


Pancetta (aka Chetta aka Freckle-face)
Head of the Surveillance Taskforce

Breed: Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Hound?? Mutt.

Personality Type: Too smart for her own good. Playful. Just a baby. 

Favorite thing to do: Hide her snacks for later

Favorite Treat: Cheese sticks


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Hank (aka Hankers aka Hanky-panky)
Director of Food & Beverage

Breed: Golden Retriever

Personality Type: Bestest boy there ever was. SO excited to show you what he found but does not want to share it. 

Favorite thing to do: Nap at home base (under Mom’s desk)

Favorite Treat: Whatever you’re having for lunch


Xena (aka Xenaweana aka Miss Weanie)
Receptionist - Athletic Director

Breed: Pittie Mix

Personality Type: Energetic & playful. Office troublemaker. Able to leap onto a desk in a single bound, Supergirl!

Favorite thing to do: Beg Pancetta to play

Favorite Treat: Freeze Dried Beef Liver