Real Estate Appraisal Management & Evaluation Services for Non-Consumer Transactions

When Getting it Right Matters Most

Since 2001, MidLantic Financial has proven time and time again that no project is too small and no challenge is too big. We approach every real estate appraisal, evaluation or consulting opportunity with the same core values – Integrity. Diligence. Tenacity.

When you outsource your non-consumer residential and commercial real estate engagements and reviews, you get more than a service; you get a dedicated team who cares about you and fully understands your needs. Our commitment to our clients is our top priority, and that devotion is reflected in each and every project we deliver.

We understand the complexities of what financial institutions require within every appraisal that crosses their desk. Your underwriters rely on our work, so we understand that it’s essential that all reports meet the requirements established by USPAP, the appraisal regulation and Interagency Guidelines in their entirety. So when getting it right matters most, MidLantic’s team of seasoned professionals are here to help ensure your institution never sees any surprises.

Full Appraisal Management Services

Tap into the knowledge and experience of MidLantic Financial by outsourcing your entire collateral valuation process to us. From engagement to review, and every step in-between, lenders and financial institutions throughout the United States look to us for high-quality real estate valuation products that fully comply with regulatory requirements.

With our team of seasoned professionals, your real property appraisals are in good hands. Find out how MidLantic can help you build a streamlined appraisal management process and help you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that nothing is out of place.

Since our founding, MidLantic Financial has managed tens of thousands of complex residential and commercial real estate appraisals with unparalleled success.

Our seasoned professionals have developed a streamlined approach to the appraisal engagement process that considers the importance of time, money and regulatory compliance–diligence and tenacity are embedded in our process. Understanding where your borrower is in the transaction, what the development intent is and what the needs are as they relate to your loan transaction determine what we do and how we bid the assignment.  

Reach out to our dedicated team of experts today and join more than 50 respected financial institutions in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region who know the benefit of using MidLantic’s engagement services.

Appraisal reviews are the foundation from which MidLantic Financial has built its upstanding reputation.

Our founders literally changed the game with their design of a comprehensive narrative administrative format that opines on a report’s market-extracted data. This format, combined with our meticulous quality-controlled, multi-step process has defined MidLantic as a leader in the industry. No other appraisal management company employs this appraisal review format in alignment with our level of analysis during reviews.

There is no doubt that MidLantic Financial is the outsourcing solution you need with a scalable, streamlined process from a dedicated team of experts.

For qualifying commercial transactions, obtaining an evaluation of real estate collateral in lieu of an appraisal is an attractive, faster, and cost-effective alternative. 

Not only do MidLantic Financial’s evaluations save you time and money, but they are also guaranteed to exceed the requirements of the Interagency Guidelines that govern their use. Our team has prepared thousands of evaluations for lenders in the Mid-Atlantic region using our tried-and-true method. Our appraisal-extracted sales comparable database coupled with CoStar and our meticulous research ensures that all utilized comparables are the best available for each evaluation project.

With the complexities and intricacies of the appraisal regulation and Interagency Guidelines, there has never been a greater need for financial institutions to ensure appraisal policy compliance that satisfies the demands of regulators. MidLantic Financial  experts, with extensive experience in the inner workings of regulatory guidelines, are here to help you develop or update an appraisal policy in conformance with regulatory requirements.

Our team has written dozens of real estate appraisal policies and conducted countless appraisal policy consulting and training sessions with our clients. During these sessions, our level of exceptional customer care is clear, which is why our clients choose to stay with us year after year because getting it right matters most.

"OMG! This breaks the speed record! Who’s got the magic wand over there? Thanks Cindy, you guys are unbelievably amazing."

Andrea, Relationship Manager...Commercial Bank in MD

"Cindy, you are the best…thank you!!! Thank you"

Angela, Chief Credit Officer...Commercial Bank, MD

"Oh my goodness! You guys are so darn AWESOME!!! Thank you very much indeed."

Daniel, Underwriter...Credit Union Service Organization, MD

"One of the things people appreciate about you Cindy is you do run interference. You know our business and what is reasonable and not reasonable. You keep a lot of the nonsense at bay."

Donald, SRA Appraiser in VA

"Of all the people in all the world, you’re my favorite right now."

John, MAI Appraiser in DC

"Just wanted to send a big “thank you” to you all for your exceptional customer service to us when we were in need for this rush review. We appreciate your willingness to go above & beyond to help make this closing possible for our lender when he was under such a time crunch."

Marla, Collateral Valuation Specialist...Commercial Bank, WV

"You are amazing as always, thank you!!"

Meredith, Senior Credit Manager...Commercial Bank, VA

"Cindy has been a trusted adviser to me personally and to the bank for a number of years and I believe will provide exactly what you are looking for."

Ryan, Chief Real Estate Lending Officer...Commercial Bank, MD

"You’re the bestest!!! thanks again for everything!!!"

Sandy, Portfolio & Appraisal Manager...Commercial Bank, VA

"Thank you all for your quick action...I really enjoy working with your group!"

Theresa, Relationship Manager...Commercial Bank, MD

"You made this process very easy. Thank you. I suspect we will do this every year with your team!"

Bryan...Institutional Investor, TX

"Thank for keeping us on the straight and narrow!"

Ken, CRE Senior Underwriting Manager...Commercial Bank, MD

"Thank you so much for you help on this one. It’s the tough ones where you and the rest of the Midlantic team really shine!"

Len, Vice President, Commercial Lending, MD

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When you choose MidLantic Financial for your appraisal engagements, you get more than a service; you get a dedicated team who understands your needs.

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