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MidLantic Financial was founded in 2001 on core values that our team demonstrates every single day. We act with integrity, diligence, and tenacity because nothing is more important to us than our commitments to clients.

Don't hesitate to ask us your questions! Email us directly at [email protected] or call us at (443) 328-6329.

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"OMG! This breaks the speed record! Who’s got the magic wand over there? Thanks Cindy, you guys are unbelievably amazing."

Andrea, Relationship Manager...Commercial Bank in MD

"Cindy, you are the best…thank you!!! Thank you"

Angela, Chief Credit Officer...Commercial Bank, MD

"Oh my goodness! You guys are so darn AWESOME!!! Thank you very much indeed."

Daniel, Underwriter...Credit Union Service Organization, MD

"One of the things people appreciate about you Cindy is you do run interference. You know our business and what is reasonable and not reasonable. You keep a lot of the nonsense at bay."

Donald, SRA Appraiser in VA

"Of all the people in all the world, you’re my favorite right now."

John, MAI Appraiser in DC

"Just wanted to send a big “thank you” to you all for your exceptional customer service to us when we were in need for this rush review. We appreciate your willingness to go above & beyond to help make this closing possible for our lender when he was under such a time crunch."

Marla, Collateral Valuation Specialist...Commercial Bank, WV

"You are amazing as always, thank you!!"

Meredith, Senior Credit Manager...Commercial Bank, VA

"Cindy has been a trusted adviser to me personally and to the bank for a number of years and I believe will provide exactly what you are looking for."

Ryan, Chief Real Estate Lending Officer...Commercial Bank, MD

"You’re the bestest!!! thanks again for everything!!!"

Sandy, Portfolio & Appraisal Manager...Commercial Bank, VA

"Thank you all for your quick action...I really enjoy working with your group!"

Theresa, Relationship Manager...Commercial Bank, MD

"You made this process very easy. Thank you. I suspect we will do this every year with your team!"

Bryan...Institutional Investor, TX

"Thank for keeping us on the straight and narrow!"

Ken, CRE Senior Underwriting Manager...Commercial Bank, MD

"Thank you so much for you help on this one. It’s the tough ones where you and the rest of the Midlantic team really shine!"

Len, Vice President, Commercial Lending, MD